July's New Recipe Category

Welcome to the inner circle of Jack Slobodian! We will be letting you guys decide on our next recipe category.

Every month we will be hosting a monthly poll. The monthly poll could be a vote between different types of recipes categories, sets of blog series, or other content and ideas for this website.  

This month we will be voting between one-pot recipes and 15 minute recipes. We will be sharing some brief information on what the future content could look like and then you can decide your preference. The recipe category with the most votes will be revealed later in the week with 2 brand new recipes.

One-Pot Recipes

When someone says one-pot recipes, what do you think off? Is it a stew? Is it a roast? Is it a casserole? Not us. We have a vast range of ideas to share from some of our favourite recipes cut down into one pot for great convenience and others ranging in different cuisines made specially to be a one-pot recipe. (Don't worry we will also be sharing amazing stews, roasts and casseroles)

  • Little fuss meals
  • Minimal cleaning
  • Ideal for cooking in batches and for large groups of people

15 Minute Recipes

Who says 15 minute recipes can't create stunning meals? Because we definitely don't! You may be rushing with a busy schedule but don't worry we have your back. We have created recipes that are quick, convenient, tasty and all planned to be on your table in 15 minutes.

  • Easy recipes

  • Cooked and prepared in 15 minutes or less

  • Ideal for people with little time for cooking

Voting starts now and closes on Friday 13th July 5pm, results will be released on our social media on Monday 16th July.

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